Brunch @ Hundred Acres

Tuesday, April 22, 2014

     If you're ever in the New York City area, Hundred Acres is a must try for your next brunch date.  This restaurant has such a cozy and homy feel, and the menu has a delicious variety of things to choose from, whether that be for breakfast, lunch or dinner. Karin and I were seated in the front section of the restaurant and since the weather was beautiful, they had their gorgeous french doors wide open. We enjoyed our view and felt the serene spring breeze as we ate our fresh and delicious meals.  Hundred Acres is located in SoHo on MacDougal Street and the calm and quiet location almost made us feel like we weren't even in the city.  For brunch we ordered their fries and bacon to share (the fries are to die for) and then ordered our individual meals. Everything was amazing from the food to the service, therefore we have no complaints. After consuming all of this delicious food at Hundred Acres, a hundred mile run felt like the right thing to do, but we went shopping instead...

 Soft scrambled eggs, ramps, leeks, butternut squash, gruyere cheese, crème fraîche, chives, with cornbread

Buttermilk pancakes, caramelized apples, vanilla whipped cream

Check out the menu

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