Houston's...in New Jersey?

Wednesday, April 02, 2014

The rustic feel, the hospitality, the smell of burning fire... What's there not to like about Houston's? And I (Karin) don't mean the city in Texas. I mean the restaurant in New Jersey. Recently, I found out that there's actually a chain of Houston's across the country, but deep down I believe the best one is here in Jersey. 

This restaurant is known by most New Jersians, therefore there is never a day where one can just walk in and be seated right away. This past Saturday, I decided to go out to dinner and sadly I had a two hour wait. Yup, you read that right. Two hours...for food...oh the things I do to make my stomach satisfied. It wasn't too bad, however, considering it's located in a mall filled with the best stores, from Bloomingdales to Saks and then to H&M and J. Crew. So before I knew it, it was time to eat! 

For starters, I had the spinach and artichoke dip. I probably consumed a good 600 calories right there but the dip and those crispy chips are by far the best in the world. At Houston's, calories do not count. Satisfaction however, does. 
I was also able to get more chips...for free! Score. For my main course, I had chicken fingers and French fries. Although I'm 17, chicken fingers and fries are still my go-to at this place since these are not just any chicken fingers and fries. I could've eaten a steak or a nice salad, but their crispy chicken with their thin sliced fries were too delicious to give up. Take a look for yourself!  

Lastly, I had the best thing this place is known for, the walnut brownie with ice cream. Let me tell you something, this brownie has been off of the menu for a good year and a half, and apparently if you ask your waiter to bring it to you, they will. So for the past few times I've been there, I've ordered the brownie but their responses were always "I'm sorry, we don't have that anymore." So at my last attempt of tasting this dessert, I asked with a little ounce of hope for this delicious brownie and my waiter gladly brought it out. After tasting this warm, moist, chocolaty brownie with cold and refreshing ice cream, my stomach was then fully content. I probably ate it in a good 3 minutes since that's how amazing it was. I mean, take a look at it, doesn't it just make your mouth melt? 

If you've never been to Houston's, you need to start. There's about 45 in the states (if you live here), so hopefully there's one near you. If not, just stare at these pictures and maybe your stomach will be content (but probably not). 

Note: I went to this restaurant with my brother, so I didn't eat all of it by myself! 


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