Inspiration Post #4: The Statement Piece

Monday, April 21, 2014

     Jewelry has to be the most important accessory piece to add to an outfit.  It could transform your whole look, from sophisticated to boho chic, the details within different types of jewelry add a personal touch to your garment and could re-shape your style.  One of the trends we noticed for 2014 is the statement necklace and the bolder it is, the better.  If your having a lazy day or don't have the time to pick accessories to accent your outfit, throw on a statement necklace! It's bold enough to stand on its own, so there's no need to over-accessorize! Bright colored statement necklaces are something to look out for since color is a huge trend this spring especially neon.  If your pairing your necklace with a simple outfit, it's a really easy way to take your look from casual to formal. Statement necklaces are great to pair with casual T-shirts or simple dresses with open necklines. Don't be a afraid to get a little creative but if you can't find a necklace that speaks to you, DIY!  Go to your local bead store and create your own! (like the one I (Lidya) made below) it's a fun project and you can wear the finished product once your done!

Here are some more pictures to help you get inspired for this Spring 2014 trend!

You can find these necklaces at Dannijo

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  1. i know this was inspired by me, so you're welcome xoxo


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