The Row Spring/Summer 2015

Tuesday, September 16, 2014

Although New York Fashion Week has ended, I am still obsessing over The Row’s Spring/Summer 2015 collection. This 8 year old brand, created by the already-famous Olsen twins, is known for its mixture of exquisite fabrics and elegant outfits. 

Every look was minimal, beautiful and flowy, which are the three adjectives to describe the ideal wardrobe for the warm temperature months. The fabrics used in each look were absolutely beautiful, ranging from organza silk all the way to linen. There were no zippers, buttons or snaps in sight, which shows the idea of natural draping and organic movement in the garments. Each look had a handmade wrap or twist, making each piece look one of a kind, in its own way. 

The setting was also very minimal and engaging. The rugged wooden floors, the disintegrated red brick walls and the natural lighting added to this new collection, making it seem even more simple yet elegant than it already was. 

The S/S 15 show was absolutely impeccable with the neutral colors and the organic fabrics, and the overall presentation was spectacular (as always). Job well done to the Mary-Kate and Ashley!

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