Faux Fur Moto Jacket

Sunday, March 01, 2015

     For this look, I kept it fairly simple and comfortable. Most of my traveling for the day took place indoors so there was no need for a thick coat therefore I paired my faux fur collard moto jacket with a plain turtle neck. I wore grey BDG jeans, which are made up of unique seamlines all across the front and back and the gold ankle zippers add something a bit edgy to this simple outfit. As for shoes, I wore my favorite pair for this season, which are my Vagabond boots! 

UO BDG Jeans | Guess Leather Jacket | Vagabond Shoes | UO Turtleneck

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  1. The jacket here named moto jacket is so lovely and trendy. I love black jackets,jeans,and shoes. This one is so trendy and looking so gorgeous dress . I love fashionable accessories and dresses like this one.Thank you very much for your post....


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