Weekend Getaway Travel Essentials

Wednesday, February 10, 2016

With this winter weather it's hard not to daydream about getting away to a warmer destination. All we want to do right now is to soak in the sun with a cocktail in hand and to swap out this snow for some sand underneath our feet. Although we don't have any winter travel plans at the moment, some of you might. The least we can do is help you pack! Below are our lists of essentials for a weekend getaway for a warm destination! If you haven't booked your trip yet or are wondering how to, check out HomeAway for some great deals on vacation rentals in over 190 countries!

Karin's Checklist

White Lace Cover Up Dress - After a long day at the beach, I like to throw on something simple and comfortable and I love a bohemian vibe when doing so. A white lace dress is ideal!

Woven tote - In order to carry all of my things, I need a large tote that can fit it all. A woven tote like this is both practical and stylish.

Beats Urbeats headphones - Listening to music is my favorite thing to do while tanning and Beats urbeats provide such good sound quality while still being light enough to carry around.

Oversized sunglasses - In orer to block the sun away, sunglasses are a must on the beach! Oversized are both stylish and protecting, which is ideal.

Burts Bees - My lips get dried over the summer so to moisturize after a day under the sun, I use this lip balm since it works like magic.

Lidya's Checklist

Denim Dress - I love wearing something easy and effortless during the summer months and this denim dress definitely fulfills that. You can pull this over your swimsuit or to grab drinks at a local bar and you will still look effortlessly put together!

Ray Ban round framed sunnies - I'm all about vintage wear and these sunnies have a nostalgic feel to their shape. It also suits my face shape so I tend to stick with what works.

Scarf - I like to keep my hair out of my face while I'm at the beach so I tend to wear scarves as bandanas as I sunbathe. It does the job and adds a stylish element at the same time!

Coconut oil - This oil has countless uses; as a moisturizer, makeup remover, hair hydration or even a natural tanning oil. It's an all in one product and saves space by limiting the amounts of products you'll need to bring along!

Speakers - Of course music is a must while on the beach. I love to listen to some summer jams with friends yet still be social, so by having speakers we can both listen to music and still talk.

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