Anthropologie: The one stop shop

Sunday, March 23, 2014

      Lets face it, walking into Anthropologie can bring overwhelming feelings of joy for any fashion lover.  From the whimsical visual decor and store window displays, to the little trinkets and uniquely designed kitchen ware that made you wish you had your own apartment (well if you dont have one yet anyway), it's the most beautiful store out there. So we decided to stop by our local Anthro because, well I mean why wouldn't you? Of course we couldn't leave empty handed. Us being so obsessed with fashion and all it has to offer, we bought some books on the subject.
One being the Fashion Insiders' Guide New York and another being Coco Chanel an Intimate Life. We can't wait to start reading! And a girl needs accessories right? So we both picked up a pare of studded earrings that could be worn for everyday. Believe us when we say its hard to control yourself at Anthropologie, everything is just so visually attractive.  We could have walked out of there with several scented candles, skirts, and clutches, but we didn't. Because were in control! (and broke...).

Fashion Insiders' Guid New York

 Coco Chanel an Intimate Life

xx Lidya & Karin

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