Inspiration #6: Summer Wardrobe Must-Haves

Friday, May 02, 2014

Summer is almost here, meaning we all need to take a trip to the mall and buy a few essential wardrobe pieces for this next season. A misconception of summer clothing is that it is solely based on bright colors and less layers. Although those two ideas may be the case in some circumstances, it is definitely OK to wear black and white or to layer different pieces. Here are a few items for this season that incorporate all of those ideas: 

As some of you may know, Birkenstocks have made a huge comeback this past season. They have been in the Spring/Summer 2014 collections of many top designers such as Givenchy and Stuart Weitzman, so why not buy a pair for yourself? They are so comfortable, can be dressed up or down and come in various styles/colors! 

Not only are ripped boyfriend jeans the ultimate must-have, but also very sensible. They practically can be worn with anything and are so breezy for the humid temperatures. A leather jacket is a must-have for basically every season, but for the summer months, I suggest a light colored one. For those chilly nights, a pastel leather jacket can keep you warm and also spice up your outfit! Plus, due to the light color, it won't feel as dramatic or dense. 

A high-waisted bikini is so 60's yet so 2014. For vintage lovers or fans of Jane Birkin, buying a high-waisted bikini will ensure you to feel iconic. A plain black one is my preference due to the classic look, but many stores and brands carry different kinds with prints and designs. And to complete a beach outfit, a floppy sunhat is perfect to block the sun and feel even more like Jane Birkin.

As for accessories, mirrored sunglasses are considered statements for this summer. They come in so many bright colors that can make any outfit more exciting! A backpack is also a necessity, since more junk can be filled in it compared to a regular cross-body (it is also much easier to carry). And lastly, what is a summer without listening to music? A trendy pair of headphones is a must-have for those music lovers. 

Next time you're out shopping, keep in mind these 8 must-haves. It's okay to splurge sometimes, especially when a new season is approaching!


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