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Thursday, May 01, 2014

     As the summer months approach us, it's time to think about changing our beauty routine. Our skin is going to be prone to the sun, therefore we need some protection in our skin routines. As for our hair, it's going to be in desperate need for some anti-frizz armor. Here are some products you're going to want to keep in your beach bag this summer!

      First lets talk about the face. In the summer, I rarely wear any cover up because who wants to cover up a  natural tan? But there are those days when you need a little something extra to cover up a blemish and at the same time, you want it to look natural and feel light. The best product for this feeling is the Bare Minerals Powdered Concealer. I use this concealer all year round and it comes in many different shades so you can pick whichever tone suits you best. A little goes a long way and unlike liquid concealer, it's not heavy plus it feels like you have nothing on your face. All you have to do is use a flat brush to apply on your blemishes or to cover up any redness.

     As for moisturizing, my go-to product is the Laura Mercier Tinted Moisturizer with SPF 20. This product leaves your skin with a healthy dewy glow without it looking oily, plus it has SPF which is perfect for protection during the summer months. During my skin routine, I usually apply this first and then apply my Bare Minerals foundation and the best part is that the two products go well together.

As for for lips, the SUGAR lip treatment is hands down the best lip balm. It comes in variety of different shades, such as Berry, Plum, and Petal. Personally, I'm not a big fan of wearing lipstick for my everyday makeup look because I don't like how it feels on and I'm always worried about the color fading. This product is like a lipstick and lip balm combined. This product is perfect for adding a little color to your lips without being over the top during those summer days and since it has SPF 15, it leaves your lips hydrated and protected!

Moroccan Oil is a life saver when it comes to tackling frizzy hair, especially during humid summer days. Not only is this product great for hydration, but also great for damaged hair. You can apply this to damp hair or even after you've styled it, just to give it a smooth and shiny finished look sans fly-aways or frizz!

Coconut Oil is the mother of all beauty products! You can use it in over a 100 different ways, removing eye makeup, as a natural shaving cream, getting rid of age spots, as a moisturizer, and even for cooking! Coconut Oil is a great substitute for tanning oil in the summer and its better for your skin! You can find this product in most grocery stores like Trader Joe's but make sure you use regular sunscreen before to get protection.

- Lidya

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