Weekly Inspiration: Contemporary Yet Classic

Wednesday, July 01, 2015

Modern interior can be frowned upon, due to its 'lack of comfort' feel that most people say. When shopping for furniture, kitchen cabinets or bathroom vanities, I tend to always fall in love with the contemporary ones. I can understand what people mean when they say that modern interior is very raw, cold and not cozy. However, while looking through architect Fabio Fantolino's online portfolio, I've realized that modern can be mixed with comfort. This contemporary private home located in Turin, Italy displays a mixture of both modern and classic elements with the raw textures, wooden materials and minimal accessories. Although the overall look of this home is considered modern, the homely furniture, the warm colors and the peaceful artwork all make this house provide a comfortable lifestyle. Look below for interior inspiration on how to mix modern with classic elements!

Quindiciquattro | Fabio Fantolino

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