Weekly Inspiration: Devon Windsor by Dean Isidro

Tuesday, December 01, 2015

The beauty that will forever be classic; white on white. In Vogue Mexicos' November 2015 issue, fashion photographer Dean Isidro decided to photograph supermodel Devon Windsor in a color scheme that was bright and crisp by mixing white clothing with a white horse, with a background of a serene beach area.

Contrary to common belief, white is actually okay to wear after Labor Day. That rule, that should've never been created in the first place, is abided by many. However, this editorial shows that mixing this light color in winter clothing is doable and lovely. You can wear a thick white sweater with white pants or instead you can choose to wear a dress and mix it with an oversized white wool coat. Whatever you do, know that the light color palette is wearable all year round, even if people say otherwise.

All photos taken from Fashion Editorials.

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