Bitch Stole My Look

Friday, July 15, 2016

Who wore it better? We've never done a duo post before but while we were shopping at Aritzia a few weeks back at their incredible summer sale, we both ended up trying on a bunch of things but we each left the store with a shopping bag containing this dress, and this dress only. 

As we all know, comfort is key when it's 95 degrees and sticky outside (we're so over it, by the way). Driving with shorts on is not ideal since our legs get stuck to the leather seats and jeans are just way too thick to bare. This dress is the most effortless and breezy article of clothing in both of our closets at the moment. The material is super soft, it's extremely light and due to the side slit, there's a great amount of flow every time we take a step. 

Although we bought the same piece, we decided to get different colors because well, we can just share the two if we really wanted. It comes with a long tie that can be worn around your waist and can be tied in the front or back. Note: if you've eaten a little too much for the day and are looking to not be constrained by fabric, you can just wear it as a t-shirt dress (known from experience).

Aritzia dress

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