The September Issue

Monday, August 15, 2016

After these past few humid days on the East Coast, and only wearing shorts and tank tops since it's too hot to wear anything else, we've been dreaming of Fall outfits and layering our favorite pieces. Summer fashion is nice, don't get us wrong, but after wearing the same jean skirt 3 days in a row or wearing the same maxi dress every Saturday night, we get sick of our summer wardrobe and start dreaming about leather jackets, ankle boots and cashmere sweaters.

Fall has always been our favorite season; it's not too cold and it's not too warm, so it's still socially acceptable to wear shorts with a sweater and boots, or wear a turtleneck, jeans and sandals. However, we're mostly excited to layer on our favorite pieces: tees under slip dresses, sweaters under jackets, socks under boots and so forth.

For this season, we're trying to opt out the monochrome full look (disclaimer, we'll still be wearing mostly black and white), and mix in bold colors. For the Fall, we want to invest in more statement pieces that could amplify an outfit, whether it be statement heels, fur vests, scarves, bags or pants. But until then, here's a moodboard for the pieces we cannot wait to buy next month.


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