About Us

Growing up together, Lidya and Karin both shared a common interest in fashion and knew that one day they would collect their ideas and collaborate. In March of 2014, they decided to launch The Golden Flick, where they share their day-to-day outfits, things that inspire them as well as food that they've indulged in.

Their first step into the fashion world was when they were at the ages of 8 and 10. They started off from sketching their own clothing lines as well as creating a possible brand but as they grew older, they understood that they were not made to be designers. As they evolved into who they are today, they realized that they want to focus on styling by using a digital platform as their voice. 

So, what is The Golden Flick? The blog name came from their shared aesthetic: the classic winged eyeliner and gold dainty jewelry, two things that Lidya and Karin never leave the house without. When they first came together to create a blog name, they both knew that they wanted to incorporate the word 'golden' as well as 'flick' to simply describe their commonality.

Although they share many similarities, when it comes to styling they both have their own personal taste, which is reflected in the outfits. Since Lidya has a more vintage/urban aesthetic whereas Karin has a more contemporary/monochrome look, they attract a wide variety of viewers, which differentiates their blog from the rest.

Enjoy! xx

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