Lunch at Novo

Sunday, March 22, 2015

     In honor of our 1 year anniversary of The Golden Flick, we had a celebratory lunch at Novo located in Ridgewood. This town is known to have the best restaurants in New Jersey, varying from Asian food to Italian to American and even to Mediterranean. For today's lunch, we both craved a Mediterranean taste so we decided to try Novo for the first time. The ambiance and decor of this restaurant is calming and modern and the presentations of the food make it even better! 

We decided to order the Branzino à la Plancha which was situated over vegetables and covered in a lemon sauce as well as the Mediterranean Grilled Chicken salad that was made up of baby spinach, cherry tomatoes, radish, red onions and a lemon vinaigrette.  We also had to order fries to share, it's sort of become a tradition to do so, since we do this almost everywhere we eat together.  It was defiantly a good decision because the fries were so fresh and crisp and so satisfying, especially paired with the special dipping sauce.

Everything we ate was fresh, fulfilling, appetizing and tasty! The portions were ideal and the service was great, so overall this 7 month old restaurant is a must try if you're in the mood for a Middle Eastern meal.

Also, thanks to everyone for reading our posts, commenting on our Instagram's, complimenting us in person or just overall supporting us! Here's to many more years of TGF!

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