Weekly Inspiration: Chokers

Monday, April 04, 2016

The newest it-accessory is the choker - whether it be velvet, ribbon, metal or chain, this accessory is here to stay. In the past year, this look has been seen on the runway, on major celebrities and models and in practically every store. This close-fitting necklace can be worn over a turtleneck, with a sleeveless shirt or with a v-neck blouse, therefore it's versatility makes it ideal to have in your closet. What we love about the '90's accessory is that it's easy to wear, inexpensive and comes in a variety of shapes and sizes making it perfect for any look, plus, it accentuates your jawline which is a plus!  Steal some ideas below for choker inspiration and shop our favorite ones underneath!

all images from Tumblr

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